Since my daily blog reading is more than you would want to visit "by hand", I use a news reader. For a long time I used the online newsreader Bloglines, but recently (after a kind recommendation by Jean Pierre) I switched to Vienna.

The effect is the same: The software gladly collects any changes to publishers' RSS feeds and stores/caches them locally for me to read.

Every once in a while you get articles twice, mainly because an author changed something shortly after they hit the "publish" button. This happened on bloglines a lot, apparently because blog software already pings update services and bloglines seemed to pull the respective feed immediately.

The BBC frequently pushes headlines out that it reviews minutes later, sometimes it's just horribly wrong English, sometimes it gives you a wrong impression of what was happening.

Today they write:

Spanish master's Children stolen

and the concerned reader thinks, kidnapping, ZOMG!

But then, seconds later, the writer decides to replace the headline in question by a less horrifying

Goya masterpiece stolen

I wonder... - in the internet century, don't people think twice before publishing anymore?

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