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October 29, 2006

Gosh, all these visitors were giving my server a hard time.

No wonder, after my cake story got dugg more than 3500 times, slashdotted, "valleywagged" and I don't know what else...

You guys were very supportive when it came to helping me picking up the tab, thanks! I got a lot of help from supporters who all gave me a dollar-or-so, so I decided to send a small check to the Mozilla Foundation and another one to the OSU Open Source Lab.

The OSU OSL is where some of Mozilla's servers are and they work hard for some of the finest projects in the Open Source world, and they also need our support. Through the collaboration of the OSL and Mozilla, that a whole lot of Firefox downloads can take place flawlessly at the same time, free of charge.

You are great. Thanks again!

(And I hope some people keep my blog in their feed reader :))

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