Google Labs LogoI recently tried out Google's (quite) new Browser Sync extension for Firefox.

So far, I like it. It seems to be synchronizing my bookmarks and long-term cookies between browsers and across operating systems pretty well. But, there are a few things I don't like:

  • When I switch from one computer to the next, it logs me off the first computer. In order to sync the boxes, I therefore have to close every single browser window on computer A so that it copies it stuff to the sync account, and after that, I can open a window on computer B. That's really annoying, especially because I don't close every tab when I leave work just to open the same pages (references etc) yet again the next morning when I get back. There doesn't seem to be a way to get my bookmarks etc. synchronized without actually closing the whole deal.
  • Once, when I installed the plugin on my Mac Mini, the highly sophisticated "conflict resolution" system included in Google Browser Sync wiped out my whole bookmarks toolbar. Now this is reliable, right there. I wonder what I need such an extension for when I lose my bookmarks anyway. It works now, but at that point, I was quite annoyed having to put my most visited web pages on the bar again.

So, I am wondering if there are "competitors' products" we could try out? As in most parts of life, a little competition does not hurt. I remember, I saw an alternative roaming profile extension for Firefox recently, but I forgot to bookmark it (or it was on the toolbar that was wiped by Google ;)) -- in any case, now I can't find it anymore, because the search engines are flooded with articles about Google when you search for Firefox roaming profile extensions and similar.

Can anybody help me out?

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