One thing reminding us constantly that OSX is almost as crappy as Redmond OS is the Spinning Beachball of Death.

Since I revently gave my Mac Mini a decent amount of RAM to waste for useless eyecandy, I don't meet the little spinning fellow as often anymore.

However, the installation of the Eclipse IDE the last week brought a nice, new beachball appearance: When I use spotlight to start the program (as I usually do, because it's so much faster than clicking through the menu structure), it will kill the system tray in the upper right corner of the screen.

The time stops counting and when I move the cursor over it, I see the cursor turn into the beloved beachball again! :)

I did not find any information about it on the net besides an old forum post in the google cache... But the solution seems to be, not to start Eclipse with spotlight but to actually click on it in the Applications folder or the dock.

Works for me, now.

Is that crazy or what?

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