CSSing around

November 04, 2005

Today I went to a tiny little ACM workshop at OSU. One of the other OSL guys1 was talking about building accessible web sites with CSS.

Pretty interesting stuff. And, even though I should already know all that, I am always glad to hear stuff from different perspectives.

Pencils, CC licensed from flickrHowever, it make me wanna play on some CSS again. I wanted to rebuild the website of my high school graduation class since some months anyway. After a weird incident2, I had to take the news script off the site, making it more or less static and not truly informative anymore.

At the same time, I wanted to try out Textpattern as a somehow lightweight, but also mighty content management system. A friend of mine really prefers it for her websites (therefore recommended it to me more than once), and she recently did some very nice CSS magic on her blog.

For today, I only made my laptop carry a lighttpd webserver and snagged some old website source code. But I am going to hack on textpattern soon3.

Thanks for bringing "CSS mojo" to my mind again, Morgamic!

Ah, if you want to read more about it, Mike made a nice "Accessible CSS" wiki page with quite a bunch of useful links for you.

Oh, and thanks for reading the article with the most footnotes I ever made ;)4

[1] by the way, I should bug someone to include me in this list - have to take a photo, though :) [2] some script kiddie defaced the site through a security flaw in the news script we were using. [3] maybe on the OSLUG hacking social? If I go there once after band rehearsal on wednesdays... ;) [4] I'm serious!

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