Memorable Software Week

October 19, 2005

That's kind of nice. Two very nice pieces of software hit "magical mile stones" these days.

My favorite web browser Firefox finally got unbelievable 100 million downloads. Celebrations! It's one of the most wonderful open source software products I've ever seen. Go spread the word! :)

Another nice one - closed source though - is the voice over IP service Skype (not a google or yahoo toy, by the way, but soon an eBay one) that will finally break the four million users mark this week. In my opinion, it is still the best possibility to call home so far. It works unbelievably smooth even though the people I'm usually calling are roughly 5000 miles away.

So, it seems to be totally the right moment for me to get employed at the OSU Open Source Lab soon. It's a good week, really :) w00t!

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