Today, I read in an interesting small article on the web page of the German news series "tagesschau" that in Sweden, a new-born child was called by the name "Google".

In Germany, it is forbidden to name a child in a manner that encourages other people to make fun of the name or might possibly have a negative impact on the child's identification with his or her own name. But, unlike in my home country, this seems to be allowed in Sweden. So, it was no problem to name the little child like that. And, actually, Google is the second name of the baby, Oliver being his first one.

The only problem the father has to fear is that Google, Inc. sues him for unlicensed use of their company name. But by now, this does not seem to be the case.

By the way: As the father himself stems is a Libanese software engineer, he will be called "Abu Google" from now on. It's arabic for "Google's father".

However, now he seems to need a new idea for a second child they might have. How about Yahoo? I'm not quite sure though if this will lead to the children constantly fighting with each other. Just imagine Google playing with the earth, Yahoo constantly bugging him until he cryingly leaves to play with Flickr (the family dog). Only minutes later, both of them start to annoy daddy until he buys them some candy. Google chews blogger gum, while Yahoo enjoys a nice Konfabulator granola bar.

Imagine that.

Bad, bad, reeeally baaad idea! ;)

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