September 09, 2005

Hey, you know I arrived well in Portland, Oregon, don't you? If not: I did ;)

By the way, when we were asking our personal student advisor about good places to eat something here in Portland, he mentioned:

"McDonald's is crap. Avoid it at all times. In fact, nobody wants to go to McDonald's."

So you know what I promise to you, precious readers?

I hereby promise that I avoid McDonalds as long as possible.

And this is a really hard task when being in the U.S., you can probably imagine? - And I promise, too, that I immediately admit it publicly (i.e., here ;) ) when I went to McD for the first time during my stay here.

I mean, my fellows really must force me then to go to McD. Voluntarily, wild horses don't drag me there. Seriously! :)

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