Though I’m quite experienced in reading English, I didn’t write much in it, recently (okaaay, except from three-word sentences on application forms). Soon, I’ll have to write much English stuff at university, though. So let’s start practising by blogging on the English blog more often. ;) (Maybe it also pushes visitor statistics on… Currently it’s very seldomly visited by anyone. No wonder for it has only a handful of articles right now)

So, there’s a blog I want to recommend: It’s called German Joys (written by a law professor from Duesseldorf, Germany) and has a nice category very worth reading: "German Word of the Week". Once a week, he very interestingly describes strange German words. It’s quite funny so reading it is not even boring for native speakers like me.

Just take a look a this week’s word: Stoibern. (Behaving like the State Minister of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber :) )


(via de.etc.sprace.deutsch)

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